Dr. Cindy Lee is happy to be back in Vancouver, BC. The scope of family medicine practiced and the services provided include newborn, pediatrics and adolescent care; women’s health; men’s health; geriatric and palliative care; and minor procedures. Family medicine services not provided: shared-care obstetrics, inpatient or supportive hospital care, nursing home care.  English is the primary language in the clinic. We do have multilingual staff but may ask you to bring a translator if we cannot effectively communicate with you.

When Dr. Lee is away, a covering doctor will accommodate your urgent needs. Patients must be comfortable with receiving all of their urgent comprehensive care by the trusted physician [male or female] when their regular physician is away. We receive a medical report within 24 hours when you visit the colleagues we designate, but we do not receive such information from alternative providers.

It is best for your health and care that you return to our clinic for your health issues. We ask you not to have more than one family physician.