The clinic policies may be updated/changed at various times and will be posted. You may be called in to review the clinic policy in person with your physician if there is any violation. Thank you for reading and acknowledging these policies. We look forward to working with you towards optimal health and well-being.

All requests are triaged by the receptionist and documented for chief complaint. Therefore, we ask you to provide specific information about your concern, as required for appropriate scheduling, while ensuring your confidentiality. The patient in question must be present at the appointment. On occasion, both physician and patient will run late – please call to advise if you are running late, so we can plan accordingly. We reserve the right to fit in or rebook patients who are late for appointments.

New patient first appointments, referred to as “meet and greets”, are scheduled for about 10–20 minutes.

Regular visits are 10 minutes, to address patient’s main concerns. Secondary issues will be addressed if time permits; otherwise, a follow-up appointment will be offered as soon as possible. A follow-up appointment is not a dismissal of your concerns, but to ensure an appropriately thorough assessment for the issues is done.

Same-day urgent visits: We routinely reserve several appointment slots to accommodate concerns that should be seen urgently. When you are sick, we will see you quickly—help us help you by calling early for a same-day appointment.

Walk-in visits are discouraged. Please call ahead for a specific time for a same-day visit.

Periodic health exams: BC MSP does not cover for periodic health exams. Rather, these are only done for those with chronic medical conditions, at the discretion of the physician. These visits must be booked in advance, as this visit will be dedicated to do a comprehensive health audit and education session. Patients should not save problems or urgent issues for this appointment. Make an appointment to be seen much sooner for specific or urgent concerns.

Counseling, interviews and stress management issues: Patients should inform reception when they are calling about counseling, interviews or stress management issues so that more time can be scheduled.

If you are travelling a long distance and/or believe that your concerns will require more time with the doctor, it is important for you to inform our receptionist so that an extended appointment can be booked as soon as possible. You may also want to consider finding a family physician who is easier for you to travel to.

Dr Cindy W. Lee 李婉汝醫生 門診須知

102-4484 Main Street. Vancouver. B.C. T:(604)620-4484 Website:
李醫生門診時間為禮拜二到禮拜五;早上9點到下午5點, 禮拜六從早上9點到中午12點半。

關於Dr Cindy Lee
李醫師出生於台灣,在溫哥華長大。 從紐約拿到醫學學位,實習於多倫多大學家庭醫學系,現為UBC臨床講師。 現在很開心能回到溫哥華為大家服務。 李醫生的家庭醫學實踐和所提供的服務包括新生兒,兒童和青少年保健; 婦女的健康: 男性的健康; 老人健康和安息治療; 和小手術等。



1. 初診掛號,請攜帶健保卡 (MSP Card/Care Card)至櫃檯辦理。

2. 為了節省您的看病等候時間,請多利用電話預約掛號。

3. 如果臨時有事須要缺席,請在至少於一天前通知。

4. 如有爽約者,診所將向其收取Missed Appointment(爽約)費用。

5. 診所會把順位優先權給予有預約的病人

6. 如有預約,請在準時到達時,跟櫃台check in 。

7. 如果有需要口罩者,請第一時間向櫃台領取。

8. 請勿在診所喧嘩,如需用手機,請輕聲細語。

9. 在看診室,請把手機靜音。 請勿私自拿取醫療用品。


1. 所有病人在預約時,必須跟診所助理聲明想看醫生的原因。 前檯小姐會因病情的嚴重 性幫大家安排時間。

2. 每個病人第一次都必須約New Patient新病人的預約, 新病人約需要十到十五分鐘。

3. 每次預約以十分鐘為限,除非是當日警急預約(Same Day Appointment) 五分鐘為限。

4. 如果沒有事先預約,診所助理有權請病人離開。

5. 當日緊急預約是給警急狀況,發燒,身體不舒服。 並不包含看報告等等。

6. 為了避免病人等候時間太長。我們請所有病人在預約時間前五分鐘到。 遲到者將患者 若遲到十分鐘以上,之預約將會被改至當日其他空缺時段。遲到三十分鐘以上之預約將被 取消,並且在下次看診時需額外收取30元的預約缺席費用。

7. 如需取消預約,請在我們取消預約留言中留下你的全名與想取消的預約時間。

8. BC政府並沒有所謂的全身檢查,如有需要,請詢問醫生。 醫生將會以個人的需求, 幫病人申請適合的檢查。

1. 診所不會保證代班醫生一定會說國語或是女醫生。

2. 因為醫生的缺乏,我們請所有病人只能有一位家庭醫生。 違規者,將剔除於診所名 單。

3. 醫師基本上是完全不會做電話問診,病人的面談與當面了解症狀是醫生下正確診斷不可 少的因素。 如果醫生需要用電話問診,他只能給予最基本的回答。

4. 醫生將會仔細檢查所有報告,如有問題將會通知病人。如果沒有通知,代表沒有問題: 病人依然可以自己打電話來預約跟醫生討論。

5. 診所只負責幫病人預約與告知時間。 是病人的責任去記下所有檢查(X-ray, Ultra Sound,
CT, specialists 專科)時間,與更改時間。

6. 專科醫生的轉診,因從醫生以病人的需要而開始的程序。 病人可以向醫生要求專科醫 生,但是醫生有權做最後決定。 如果錯過專科預約,病人將會被專科診所收取爽約費。 如果病人一再爽約,醫生將無法幫再病人預約專科。

7. 每次預約,醫生將會仔細地回答你的問題。 如果時間不夠,醫生將會請前檯小姐在一 個禮拜內幫你約複診。

8. 拿藥預約須知; 如果有需要藥時,請主動跟醫生領取藥單。 醫生有權利在PharmaNet查 詢病人的藥單歷史。 診所將會收取$30藥單傳真服務。

9. 有些診所提供的服務並不在MSP的範圍內,這些費用會在當日與病人收取。 (詳情請查 詢櫃台小姐)

10. 所有問診的過程與病情全部為視為個人隱私,不會被公開。 除非有法院單條; 對病 人,他人,醫生,診所有直接威脅時; 有家暴懷疑 ( 19歲以下); 有病人同意才會公開 。

11. 診所有權開除病人,當病人沒有好的理由對診所;專科;其他醫療設施爽約(missed appointment)。多次拒絕遵守醫生的醫療建議; 不遵守診所須知:對診所的醫生,員工或 其他病人動粗或做出不尊重的行為將會被診所開除。

所有被開除的病人將會收到一份正式的通知,診所將會像病人提供三個禮拜的緊急服務 (從正式通知那天起)。在那期間內,病人需要自己去尋找新的家庭醫生,三個禮拜的緊急 服務後,診所將不再提供任何服務。請提供新診所的家庭醫生的資料,診所將會把你的資 料寄過去。

Inappropriate use of this service including non urgent prescription refills, and scheduling changes or cancellation requests, will result in a fine, due before your next regular appointment at the clinic. With subsequent offenses the fines will exponentially increase. The on call physician may only understand English and may not have access to your personal medical records. In your voice message please provide your full MSP card name, health card number, date of birth, your phone number, and briefly describe your concerns If appropriate, the on call physician will try to respond within 2 hours through an anonymous number. If you do not hear back, please contact the clinic as usual during clinic hours. Thank you.

24 hours’ cancellation notice is required, or patient will be charged for a missed visit.

Office staff are not able to call or send reminders for regular appointments.

Current uninsured service fees for missed appointments are posted in the office, and on the website. Fees for all uninsured services are subject to change.

Please review updated clinic policy on after-hours care in office and online

  1. For emergency requiring immediate assistance, call 9-1-1 or head to the nearest emergency department
  2. For urgent issues, you may seek care at the closest walk-in clinic
  3. If you are unable to see a physician, you may call 8-1-1 to talk to a health professional at HealthLinkBC. This is a free service open 24 hours a day, available in multiple languages.
  4. If you need an urgent medication refill and are unable to get an appointment in time, your pharmacy may provide an emergency supply of medication.
  5. If you absolutely need to speak to a physician at Little Mountain Medical Clinic about an urgent medical issue and cannot wait until the clinic reopens, you may reach out to the on call physician. Instructions are on the clinic answering machine. Please note that you will be charged a fee for any inappropriate use of this service, including non-urgent prescription refills and scheduling, changing, or cancelling appointments.

Because a patient interview and examination are essential for us to provide quality care, we have adopted the following office policies:

  • Receptionists are not qualified to offer medical advice.
  • Only basic advice will be offered by telephone.
  • The physician does not routinely offer medical assessments or diagnoses on the phone, but will be available to assist staff when necessary.
  • Same-day or appropriate appointments will always be offered, depending on the nature and urgency of the problem.

The doctor reviews all test results. Patients will be called for a follow-up visit if laboratory or diagnostic tests are abnormal. Some laboratory results can be accessed online – please inquire at LifeLabs or BCBiomedical clinics.

Telephone advice that is not directly related to an insured service, or that is requested after significant time has passed since the last appointment, may be considered uninsured and billed directly to the patient.

Help us to help you—if you have no repeats for a medication, please book an appointment before you run out and bring all your medication vials with you.

This office follows evidence-based guidelines for all prescriptions, including antibiotics, narcotics and medications for stress-related conditions.

You consent to our office to search for your past prescription medication history on PharmaNet (provincial prescription medication database) as the need arises.

Appropriate and current evidence-based guidelines direct all medical investigations. If you need to cancel/reschedule an appointment with a test center, it is your responsibility to contact the testing center directly.

Before any referral is arranged, patients must see the family doctor for pre-consultation information-gathering and investigations to facilitate a faster and more effective consultation. If you need to cancel/reschedule an appointment with a specialist, it is your responsibility to contact the office directly. No show fee may be applied at the discretion of the test center/specialists and we may not be able to refer you for “no show” reasons.

Fees for medical services that are not covered by the provincial insurance plan are the responsibility of you, the patient. The fees assigned are as per the recommendations of the provincial medical association. We realize and will always take into consideration that some patients may not be able to pay for these services. Please don’t hesitate to inform us if these charges pose a financial hardship to you.

The physician-patient relationship is important to us, and that includes your medical record and any information exchanged during your visit. We use electronic medical records, and your information is confidential on secure servers, accessible only by health professionals and staff involved in your care. We will not discuss any matters relating to your medical visits with any other party without your consent, including family members. There are 4 situations where confidentiality can and must be broken:

  1. Court order
  2. Imminent threat to yourself, the patient
  3. Imminent threat to others
  4. Suspicion of child abuse (<19 years of age)

We observe a scent-free and smoke-free clinic policy for the health of all those at the clinic.

Please turn off your cell phones to silent while in our clinic. Phone calls must be taken outside clinic.

Children are generally seen in conjunction with their caregivers up to the age of 13, after which they may choose to be seen alone. We may at times need to speak with a child on his/her own. For children able to provide consent, we can only disclose their medical issues to caregiver if we have permission from the child.

There is zero tolerance policy for abuse, rudeness or threats of any kind at our clinic and may lead to immediate dismissal from the practice.

Unfortunately, sometimes there is a breakdown in trust or therapeutic relationship between you and your physician. This may occur because of the following reasons:

  • Any form of abuse, rudeness or threats by you towards any other patient, staff, physician or their family
  • Repeated “no-show” appointments with our office, other specialist offices, or testing centers without adequate reason or notification
  • Repeated refusal to comply with treatment advice
  • Repeated non-compliance with clinic policies
  • You have moved to another community such that in person assessments are impracticable

If there is an end to your relationship with your physician, the following policies are in place:

  • You will be formally notified via letter of the end of the patient- physician relationship
  • We will provide you up to 3 weeks of emergency medical services from the date of the letter but not elective care. After this period is over, we will no longer provide medical services to you
  • We encourage you to seek a new family physician as soon as possible. We can provide you with information on how to seek a new family physician
  • When you have had the chance to see your new physician, please have him/her contact our office so that we can provide your new physician with a summary of your care while you were a patient at our clinic

Please note that patients may not transfer their care between family physicians within Little Mountain Medical Clinic.