Clinic Policy : Late/No Show

By | June 01st, 2016 | Comments Off on Clinic Policy : Late/No Show

Attention to all the patients of Little Mountain Medical Clinic,


Patients who are LATE for more than 10 min will be automatically bumped down to the last spot of the half day.

Patients who are LATE for more than 30 mins will have their appointment cancelled, and marked as NO SHOW.

Patients with NO SHOW will be charge 30 dollars on their next visit.

*All CANCELLATION must be made 24 hours prior to the appointment, same day cancellation will be considered as NO SHOW*




如需取消預約,請在24小時前通知; 不然一律以缺席收費。


We will be strictly enforcing our late and no show policy starting June 1st, 2016.  Please remember your appointment time and plan your arrival accordingly.


Little Mountain Medical Clinic