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Little Mountain Medical Clinic would like to wish everyone a Happy 2019. There are a few changes for the clinic in this new year.

1). Dr. Janice Lising will be Full-time at Little Mountain starting January 7th, 2019. Her hour will be Monday to Friday, (9am to 5pm).

2). Little Mountain will have NEW Lunch hour, from 1pm to 2pm. And Dr. Cindy Lee’s hour will stay the same, Tuesday to Saturday (9am to 4pm).

3). ONLINE BOOKING is going Live as January 5th, 2019, we will continue working hard to make sure online booking go smoothly for everyone. Please send us any feedback or suggestions, we will pass them onward to our support team.

4). We will update our 2019 holiday hours in the next post.

李醫生診所在這裡祝大家新年快樂, 新的一年診所的時間將有些微調. 李醫生的時間沒有變動, 依然是禮拜二到禮拜六, 早上九點到下午四點. 我們新的午休時間將改為下午一點到兩點.

一月五號開始, 我們即將開放網路預約. 如想預約者, 請與櫃檯拿取網路預約密碼申請帳號.

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