COVID-19 and Telemedicine

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Dear patients,

In light of the recent World Health Organization announcement declaring the coronavirus COVID-19 a pandemic, we will be changing some of our office procedures to try to slow and reduce the risk of transmission, or ‘flatten the curve’. We are being advised that the risk of community transmission is still low, but we want to ensure that we can continue to provide health care safely, and within the capacity of our health care system.

The majority of cases will be mild, but our greatest concern is for those who are at risk of more serious disease, i.e. the elderly, and/or those with chronic medical conditions like heart disease, respiratory conditions, diabetes, cancer, etc.

Preventative measures include:
• Social distancing – try to stay at least 2m away from others. Avoid crowds, those who are ill, and stay at home if you’re feeling unwell.
• Cough/sneeze into your elbow, and avoid touching your face
• Hand washing – wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitizer if you can’t.

If you have new onset:
• cough/fever/shortness of breath
• AND have travelled within the last 14 days
• OR have come into contact with a known case of COVID-19, do NOT come into the clinic.

Unfortunately we do NOT have the required testing equipment available to do the test safely
• Call 8-1-1 and they can advise you if/where you need to get swabbed. Currently the Urgent
and Primary Care Centres (UPCCs) on Hornby St. And Commercial Drive are doing tests.

If your symptoms are mild, we recommend that you self isolate to minimize the potential spread to others. If you are not sure, or if it’s is not related to COVID-19, please call the clinic. The staff may ask you further questions, or have the doctors call you back with further advice. If the doctor recommends you be assessed in person, particularly for fever or cough, your appointment will likely be at the end of the morning or afternoon to minimize risk to others and you will be asked to wait outside the office until your appointment.

We will be trying to use telemedicine as much as possible to reduce the potential risk of transmission within the clinic, and strongly encourage you to partake in this. This is appropriate for:
• follow-up of non urgent results
• review of stable medical conditions
• prescription renewals
• mental health check ins
• Requests for referrals
• visits that do not require an in-person physical assessment

Please call the clinic or book online, and if suitable for a telemedicine visit, this will be done via the website below.

If not suitable for telemedicine, someone from the office will call you to schedule an in office appointment. is an encrypted 3rd party provider from California. The video call uses an encrypted connection between your doctor and you, meaning data exchanged is encrypted and generally considered to be private. No patient information, other than that discussed during the video call, is relayed or stored by Unless your web browser is set otherwise, installs cookies that could be used by advertisers such as Google. While they won’t contain any health information, they will indicate that you have used the service.

Alternatively, please sign this consent form to use electronic communication:

We will continue to consult Vancouver Coastal Health, the BC Centres for Disease Control and the Provincial Medical Officer for any further updates. These changes may evolve with time as what we know about the disease changes as well. We will keep you posted as we have more information.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to keeping yourself and others healthy.


Dr. Cindy Lee, Dr. Janice Lising and the staffs at Little Mountain Medical Clinic