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COVID-19 updates:

For all of your COVID questions:

Public health recommends the following measures be undertaken immediately.
Social distancing – stay at least 2m (6ft) away from others. While it is ok to leave your home to get some exercise, avoid crowds, those who are ill, and stay at home if you’re feeling unwell. Try to stay in your neighbourhood and leave only for essentials, e.g. groceries, medications.
Hygiene – Cough/sneeze into your elbow, and avoid touching your face
Hand washing – wash your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, or use hand sanitizer if you can’t, especially if you are out. The coronavirus can still live on surfaces for days, depending on the surface.
Self isolation – must be practiced for 14 days if you are unwell, or if you return from outside of Canada. Do not take public transit to get home, do not leave even for essentials. Please arrange for someone to do these things for you, and isolate yourself from anyone you are living with

COVID-19 testing
We don’t have the necessary personal protective equipment or swabs to do the tests. DO NOT come to the office even if you have been advised by 811. Currently, testing is only approved for anyone with compatible symptoms who is hospitalized/likely to be hospitalized, health care workers, residents of long term care facilities, or those part of a suspected cluster of COVID-19 cases. If you do meet the testing criteria, there are designated testing centres including the Urgent and Primary Care Centres (on Hornby St & Commercial Drive).

Self-Assessment – if you are not sure if you should be tested, please use the self assessment tool


If you have questions about your health (COVID-related or otherwise), your medications, your doctor is available to speak to you. While we have moved to doing predominantly telemedicine (phone or video), we can still try to address your concerns. Please book an appointment by phone or online, and input the web address or wait for the doctor to call you at the scheduled time. If the link isn’t working, the doctor will call the number we have on file for you. They will be calling you from an unlisted number, please be by your phone around the time of your appointment.

Website links are:


Anyone who is not providing an essential service is advised to work from home. Your employer should not be asking for a sick note and has been recommended not to do so by the Health Minister and public health. If they still insist, please direct them to this site:…/COVID-19-Employer-Sick-Note-BC-Fa…

We know you have questions about financial hardship and not being able to work as a result of COVID-19. This information may change as the federal government announces further plans, but please check below to see if you may qualify for additional financial support


Front line health care workers will likely run out of personal protective equipment before the pandemic is over. If you have any supplies that could be useful for redistribution to hospitals, please contact:






如果8-1-1建議有狀況患者去找家庭醫師,請不要來! 我們診所沒有完善的個人防護設備或器具來進行病毒測試。目前,政府還沒有開放檢測給所有人。 只對具有相適應症狀的人進行測試,這些人必須住院/可能要住院,衛生保健工作者,長期護理機構的居民或疑似COVID-19病例群。如果您確實符合測試標準,則可以指定指定的測試中心,包括緊急和初級保健中心(位於Hornby St&Commercial Drive)。



如果您對自己的健康狀況(與COVID相關或其他病情)有疑問,可以與您的醫生交談。我們已開始遠程會診(電話或視頻),讓您在家也能看到醫生。如要遠端會診,請通過電話或在線預訂約會,然後輸入網址或等待醫生在預定時間給您打電話。如果該鏈接無效,醫生將為您撥打我們備案的電話號碼。醫生的電話號碼通常會顯示為No Caller ID,請在您約診時間接起醫生的電話。







請勤洗手,待在家裡。 謝謝大家!!
Thank you everyone. Remember to wash your hands, stay home and practice social distance.

Dr. Lising, Dr. Lee and Little Mountain Medical Clinic